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Dun-Rite Roofing has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate its strong commitment to privacy.


Dun-Rite Roofing gathers broad demographic information about visitors to Dun-Rite Roofing’s web site (; hereinafter “Web site”), and all other domain names that Dun-Rite Roofing either owns or from which users are directed. Among the types of demographic information that Dun-Rite Roofing gathers are: the domain name from which users access the Internet (such as “”); the date and time users access the Web site; terms entered into Dun-Rite Roofing’s search engine; and the Internet address of the other web sites from which users are direct-linked to the Web site. This type of information is used to measure the number of visitors to the various sections of the Web site and to help Dun-Rite Roofing make the Web site more useful to visitors.


When inquiries are E-mailed to Dun-Rite Roofing, it stores the question and the E-mail address information so that a response can be provided electronically. Unless otherwise required by statute, Dun-Rite Roofing does not identify publicly who sends questions or comments to the Web site. Dun-Rite Roofing will not obtain information that will allow anyone to personally identify the user who visits the Web site, unless the user chooses to provide such information.


E-mails sent to Dun-Rite Roofing may be seen by a number of people who are responsible for answering questions. If the individual who answers the e-mail does not know the answer to the question, the query may be forwarded to another employee more experienced in that area. On occasion, Dun-Rite Roofing may conduct a study concerning the types of questions sent to it.


These studies involve coding the queries to see if there are recurring problems that users are having in finding information. The knowledge gained by these studies is used to improve the Web site in order to make it more responsive to the needs of users. Dun-Rite Roofing does not forward any user’s e-mail to any party outside of Dun-Rite Roofing; nor are names or e-mail addresses collected for any purpose other than to respond to the query. However, users should be aware that e-mail is not secure against interception. If an e-mail communication contains sensitive or personal information, the user may want to send it by postal mail or another more secure means.


The Web site’s registration form requires users to provide contact information (for example: name and e-mail address) and demographic information (for example: zip code, age, or income level). The contact information is used to contact the visitor when necessary. Demographic and profile data are also collected at the Web site. This information may be shared with suppliers of Dun-Rite Roofing’s products. Financial information that is collected is used to bill the user for products and services.




While visiting the Web site, the user may occasionally encounter a web page that employs “cookies”. A cookie is a small file that a web site transfers to a user’s computer’s hard disk allowing the web site server to “remember” specific information about the user’s session while connected.


Requests to send cookies from Dun-Rite Roofing web pages are not designed to collect information about the user; but only about the user’s browser “session.” The cookie makes it easier for the user to use the dynamic features of these web pages. The cookie and the information about the session will be destroyed automatically shortly after the user closes the browser; it is not permanently stored on the user’s computer. Unless a Dun-Rite Roofing web page specifically notifies you otherwise, Dun-Rite Roofing will not collect and maintain personal information about visitors to the Web site.


To protect privacy, a user should always be sure to close the browser completely upon finishing conducting business with a web site that uses cookies. If you are concerned about the potential use of information gathered from your computer by cookies, you can set your browser to prompt you before it accepts a cookie. Most Internet browsers have settings that let the user identify and/or reject cookies.


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